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Webinar On-demand: CARM - A Primer

What is this webinar on-demand about?

The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management project (CARM) is a multi-year business transformation initiative. Once implemented, it will facilitate trade compliance and modernize revenue management by automating manual processes required to assess, collect, manage, and report on trade information. 

CARM and ARL will bring many changes to how importers make payments to the CBSA and receive their reimbursements, along with how importers receive their monthly account statements. 

Learn about the upcoming changes and timelines from the CBSA in our free webinar.

Why should I watch?

Watch as we discuss topics surrounding the CARM initiative such as:

  • CARM: An overview
  • What is a bond
  • Timeline
  • How does a bond differ from insurance
  • The CARM Client portal (CCP)
  • What is required to qualify for a bond
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • What do I need to know to prepare
  • Registration (on the CARM Client Portal)
  • The role of the custom broker - trusted service advisor

We received a number of questions during the Q&A portion of this live webinar, which you can explore our answers to, by visiting our CARM webpage.