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Webinar Summary:
The United States-Canada-Mexico Agreement (USMCA/CUSMA) was signed on November 30th, 2018, and will eventually replace NAFTA. There are many things that USMCA/CUSMA will change, from country of origin rules, labour provisions, and digital trade. The ratification date is unknown, but your company needs to prepare for this new trade deal.

This webinar will discuss topics surrounding USMCA/CUSMA such as:

  • Timelines for when USMCA/CUSMA is expected to come into force
  • Key revisions and amendments of the new deal, and how it differs from NAFTA
  • Reviewing the new Rules of Origin, and how they will affect different industries
  • What next steps companies need to take to be prepared

About our Presenter: Christina Bewes
Christina Bewes is the Director of Consulting at Farrow. She is an experienced leader of large operations, with over 25 years of customs and consulting experience. She was recently the Senior Manager of Regulatory Compliance at FedEx Trade Networks before joining Farrow in 2017.

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